Westminster Abbey

Yesterday, both the Tempest cast and the Introduction to Theatre students toured Westminster Abbey. While we saw it on the London bus tour on our second day in the city, Wednesday gave us the opportunity to explore it. I have no idea that there was so much history in the abbey. A good number of previous English monarchs – including Elizabeth I – were crowned at Westminster. There was a separate chapel just for the tombs of Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart. (This was especially weird to see; the night before we saw the play Mary Stuart at New Diorama Theatre.) Seeing the queen’s tomb was very surreal.

I could not believe how many famed artists, philosophers, and scientists are buried at Westminster Abbey. Some of the graves that stuck out to me included: Lewis Carroll, Laurence Olivier, Charles Darwin, Jane Austen, The Bronte Sisters, Ben Johnson, and Isaac Newton. And Brian found Aphra Behn’s grave. I was so bummed to miss this one because Aphra is the first female playwright in history – we read her play in Theatre History II.

PS As someone who loves to shop, the shops and market vendors at Covent Garden are GOD SENT. Sarah, Erin, and I did some epic shopping.


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