Sunday, Jan 8

Today was our first day off! So far we have (as you have seen) been all over the place, and seen so many things, met so many awesome people and have had so many wonderful opportunities. Last night a large group of us went to see the show One Servant Two Govnours. It was a farce that had audience interaction. There was a moment in the show where the character playing the Harlequin asked the audience for a sandwich. Not knowing this was a joke, Steve (sitting in the front row) offers him his left over sandwich from dinner. This made him literally break character. It was pretty hilarious!

Today: Morgan, Rebecca Kyle and I went to see Lion King the Musical. It was PHENOMENAL! We all got goosebumps (Literally) within the first couple of seconds of the show! If you have not seen The Lion King, you NEED to Immediately! It was so wonderful!



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