3 Reasons Erin Is Not Going Back to the U.S.

Or, Why London is the Greatest
by Erin Kennedy

1. The History

This city has been around FOREVER, y’all. There are structures in this country from the dawn of man–the hills themselves seem to glow with the millions of lives they’ve seen.

That was poetic, yeah?

Anyway, one of the most phenomenal things about London is that no matter where you go, there is something to learn about its history. Our first few days here were spent learning about the kings, queens, and politicians of England’s past, as well as Shakespeare’s entire life story. Every street of London is rife with knowledge piled on knowledge–a scholar’s goldmine.


2. The Public Transport Sysem

It’s so smooth. So manageable.

I’m not talking about my hair, I’m talking about the London Underground. This extensive subway system stretches for miles and miles beneath the ground of the city, and you can literally get anywhere you want, easily and cheaply. Not once has there been a delay in the seven days I’ve been here.

The only downside is that it can get REALLY crowded during rush hour in the morning (which is around 9 or 10 here, as opposed to 7 or 8 in the States).

Also, nobody talks on the tube. Really. People avoid each other’s eyes and leave each other alone.I adore this. I prefer not to talk while I’m travelling, and I know that on the tube there is a low chance of someone trying to engage me in conversation.


3. The Diversity

I have heard accents from all over Europe. Greek. French. Spanish. Russian. Latvian. Italian. German.

And that was on the first day.

Diversity is something I’m drawn towards as a person. It makes me giddy and excited to be around people from so many walks of life–cultures mixing, pushing, and pulling at one another in such a huge city. So great!


Bonus: 4. Prince Harry

I don’t need to explain myself.



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