Jan 4th

Today we went to Stratford upon Avon, the historic birthplace of William Shakespeare. the town is filled with so much history, one can’t help from feeling a sense of smallness when looking at documents from thousands of years old. Before i collapse from exhaustion in this internet cafe, let me tell you about so great sights we took in at Stratford.

  •   There was a monument that we saw toward the beginning of the tour of Shakespeare. he was pictured on a pedestal surrounded by some of his more famous characters including one of my personal favorites Lady Macbeth. The group got a picture up front that i’m sure will be up soon if not already.
  • We visited the grave of Shakespeare which is deceptively small, in my opinion. He is buried in the back of an old “weeping” church. very pretty

We also got a sweet tour of the RSC. a large two theater building. in the RSC’s Swan Theater we saw Measure for Measure. An ambitious production that brought a lot of humor into what i always thought was a humorless play. while the first half was a little slow, it really picked up after intermission. overall i enjoyed it.


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One thought on “Jan 4th

  1. Joolz mom on said:

    Enjoy the experience. This is a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for allowing the St. Agnes students a chance to follow this blog and to chat with you

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