Here are some more photos from the first four days we’ve spent in London:


Julian getting to be a part of the show at Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

Parliament from across the river

Touring the city on the first day!

Dinner at Nando's

Erin, Rebecca, and Sarah in front of the Tower Bridge

In Stratford -- fun fact: the light on the corner of that building used to be the place where a cage hung. People were put there for misdemeanors, where the public got to throw vegetables at them.

"The Black Swan," aka "The Dirty Duck" -- where we went for dinner after seeing Measure for Measure at the Swan Theater.

Beautiful Stratford

Visiting the swans behind the Swan Theater

John, feeding the swans

Morgan, Julian, and Tyni in Stratford

Rebecca, enjoying the company of Hamlet

Rehearsing -- Actor's Run-Through

Today we toured the National Portrait Gallery (no cameras were allowed, unfortunately) and got to see many royal portraits, along with a special exhibit of the first actresses. This afternoon we had rehearsal where we worked on movement and subtext, then had a line through of our show. We’re all getting excited for our workshop at the Globe tomorrow! Tonight, we’ll be ending the day with going to see a production of Twelfth Night at The New Diorama.


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  1. Debbie Perry on said:

    Great pictures of the students and Stratford. What a great experience this is for all of you. I enjoy reading the blogs. Keep up the good work.

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